Uwesu ist ein Strassenkuenstler aus Tansania. Erfahrt mehr über ihn!


Uwesu is 43 years young, lives and works in Mwenge, Dar Es Salaam, where he grew up. Mwenge has been known as a woodcarving market since 1984. Like his parents, Uwesu began as an artist making wood carvings and selling them on the market.

A close friend introduced me to painting and so Uwesu was the first person to sell paintings in Mwenge in 1999. He showed tremendous talent straight away, as he easily transitioned from the art of wood carving to the art of painting. What was initially ridiculed by the other sellers in Mwenge finally paid off. Meanwhile, Mwenge is not only known for wood carvings but also for incredible paintings.

As a shop owner, Uwesu takes a big risk. In 2004 he was already bankrupt and homeless. But he never gave up his passion, because painting is like meditating for him, because he feels completely free and can relax despite all the challenges and problems.

Uwesu's painting