UFUNDI is an online shop for artists from all over the world. We are at eye level in a personal exchange with artists from different cultures and countries. Get to know the faces behind the vision here!
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UFUNDI's mission statement

VISION . We always act in a goal-oriented manner. The goal represents the common good and the creation of meaning. This is always spurred on by the awareness of intercultural cooperation at eye level.

AT EYE LEVEL. Whether with each other, with those who support and promote our vision, or in cooperation with other cultures and countries. A meaningful process of appreciation and honest action can only succeed at eye level.

MEANINGFULNESS. As a social enterprise, we see the creation of meaning not only as a matter of the heart, but as an obligation to society to counteract any inequalities and injustices.

EQUAL RIGHTS. We want to live and promote equality in every respect, whether socially or professionally. Everyone is entitled to freedom, dignity and rights in the same sense and must be protected.

INCLUSION. Acceptance of social diversity, equality, community, empathy, sustainability and participation - we strive for a community beyond national borders.

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