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Here you will gradually find answers to all your questions. If anything is still unclear, just get in touch! We are happy to answer questions!

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What does UFUNDI mean?

"ufundi" is Swahili and means handmade.

What is UFUNDI's vision?

Artists from the Global South create a stage for their art and history in Europe. Together for sustainable social added value through social projects!

What exactly is unique?

One understands the uniqueness of an object as unique. A single piece is also unique, but this is unique and cannot exist in different versions and variants.

The paintings by our artists are unique.

Can I order custom-made products from UFUNDI?

Feel free to contact us with your personal wishes. We can discuss this individually.

Which artists can you find with us?

It started in Tanzania. We deliberately approached street artists and exchanged ideas with them to understand their history and perspectives. As a result, we have already been able to get to know more than 30 artists in Tanzania alone. The network is now steadily expanding as word of UFUNDI's vision gets around.

In the future, artists from other developing and emerging countries will also be able to be found on the website.

How do the paintings from Tanzania get to Germany?

After the paintings have dried, they are removed from the frame, then rolled up and sent to Germany safely packaged. Here we stretch the paintings on frames and finally send them to your home.

How are the prices of the paintings determined?

In personal conversations with the artists, we agreed on fair payment for the different motifs and the effort involved. The prices are dependent on this. In the same way, the artists also know each other how the respective motif is paid for.

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