Raja Maganga

Rajabu Seif Maganga, Raja Maganga for short, grew up with two sisters and four brothers in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Today he is 34 years old and has a daughter and a stepson with his wife who he takes care of.

At the age of 13 he discovered his passion for painting and six years later he has already sold his first paintings. He couldn't afford to study art, but luckily older street artists spotted his talent and took him into their care. He is incredibly grateful for this, which is why he is now passing on his experience and knowledge himself. He has been working and living with his current student Imran Masudi for years. Imran was born deaf, but this does not pose a challenge in his communication with Raja. The two harmonize perfectly because they combine passion and joy in art.

"We get the inspiration for our pictures from the multifaceted national parks of Tanzania, where we spend hours observing the animal world and new motifs catch our eye."

Raja's painting