marketing & Distribution

I'm Lindsey, 25 years old and I'm studying International Business Studies at the University of Paderborn. Cultural exchange is important to me because of my degree. I spent a year in South America during my time as a student - probably the most exciting time of my life. I was able to meet many great people, languages ​​and cultures. I'm incredibly grateful for that.

At UFUNDI I am responsible for all topics related to marketing and sales. In addition to our social media channels, this also includes the organization of exhibitions and events.

How I came to UFUNDI?

Felix and Thorben told me about their work at UFUNDI. I was immediately enthusiastic about their idea, which the two have been working on for several months now. After brief consideration and further discussions, I decided to take this incredible opportunity. I am very happy to be part of this motivated team. Together we are pursuing a great vision and exciting times lie ahead.

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