Rassismus – gibt’s das überhaupt noch? JA!

Racism - does it still exist? YES!

Promoting cultural exchange also means dealing with societal challenges . For us, this means a conscious examination of the issues of colonialism and racism in particular. Most people think of right-wing extremists when they hear the word racism. People who consciously speak out for categorization and against community. However, the truth is that we are all racist. We are talking about everyday racism - an issue that affects every marginalized group on a daily basis. "Where do you come from? Where are your parents from? You can dance really well, but it's in your blood."

I am sure that most of us have asked (received) a question like this before. The fact is that these statements and questions encourage exclusion. They suggest to the person concerned that they are "different". But is this person "different"? Because why is whiteness and the associated cultures and customs the standard? It is important to recognize that other countries have different traditions and customs. However, this does not imply that one culture is better than the other.

We cannot always act anti-racist. Nobody expects that. We are human, we all make mistakes . What has to happen, however, is the reflection of one's own actions . Each of us has to deal with the topic, because this is the only way we can promote community. We at UFUNDI try to educate ourselves regularly on this topic in order to be able to guarantee cooperation on an equal footing .

At the end of last year we were at a reading by Tupoka Ogette , THE anti-racism expert in Germany. It was about her own experiences, which showed us how painful small everyday situations can be. Tupoka read from her new book - the chapter on the question "Where are you from?" was particularly special. Many questions were discussed during the moderated reading. An exciting and very emotional event for us. However, the raising of awareness for this topic does not end with this reading. Because you never stop learning!

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