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Dear friends of UFUNDI.

In the near future you will get some exciting insights into aspects of Tanzanian life . I'm Marwin and I'm currently living in Mwanza Tanzania for half a year. In the second largest city of Tanzania, I can gain many new and impressive experiences on Lake Victoria. I am currently doing voluntary work in development cooperation in and through sport. At the Sports Charity Mwanza, we are committed to providing access to school and club sports. The main goal is the comprehensive construction of sports and community centers. We also strive for an exchange of sporting perspectives and offer seminars for trainers, who also have access to the normal balls in the local longitudinal straights through a ball exchange program.

With what background do you now read these apparently unrelated lines?

In great agreement , sport and art manage to bring people together, educate them, have fun, encourage them and challenge them . Since the first steps I have been able to follow UFUNDI with curiosity and joy.

I would like to share some of my impressions with you. / Nimefurahi kushiriki nanyi!

UFUNDI as a digital showcase for artists worldwide:

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While our purchasing behavior in Germany is increasingly being processed via the Internet in addition to shop windows and shops, retailers in Tanzania are using other marketing methods.

In the greatest possible transparency and authenticity , the entrepreneurs present their goods as openly as possible and mostly directly on the side of the road . For me, too, the many handmade pieces of furniture and art lenses are interesting when driving past and invite me to ponder whether I might not want to buy something.

While the interested parties are mostly made up of passing customers, on the other bank of the digital river there is previously untapped potential and people who do not find their feet in the streets of Dar es Salaam, but would love to see, feel and own that art .

Together we try to build a bridge so that artists and buyers can meet and exchange ideas on the river.

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by Marwin Kleine

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