"Kunst kann auch anders!" - Unsere erste Kunstausstellung

"Art can also be different!" - Our first art exhibition

If someone had told us early last year that we already have the option of a pop-up store with our first dedicated exhibition of Tanzanian paintings, we would have just smiled. And now, suddenly it has become reality...

In the KleppArt , the rooms for textile culture at the University of Paderborn, the paintings by the Tanzanian artists were and are to be admired and purchased from November 23rd, 2022 until January 28th, 2023 as part of the "Art can also be different!" exhibition . Before that we had a wide variety of opportunities to take part in events, such as in Benkhausen Castle, but KleppArt is something very special .

Art is a way to create a connection between cultures . Here in the form of hand-painted acrylic paintings. Whether black and white, abstract, colorful or realistic, the variety of art from Tanzania is presented through the different styles of Sikazwe, Ashley, Uwesu and Co. In addition , the exhibition offers space for a varied exchange . Personal travel destinations and experiences, the stories behind the art and the artists themselves, formative cultural experiences, and social interaction.

We could already experience this open-minded and communal atmosphere on 23.11. fully enjoy at the opening. It's nice to see how many people want to deal with art and its stories and are brought together by an exhibition like this. The many discussions and feedback have shown us that many visitors lack a direct connection to art. But it doesn't need that if the stories and motifs speak a different language - art can also be different!

We feel strengthened in our vision as a social start-up. We are already bringing people and cultures together and offering artists a fitting stage for their incredible talent and their stories. In this way, the artists carry their paintings beyond national borders and bring a special piece of furniture into the familiar four walls of people in Germany. So we feel encouraged to realize UFUNDI's vision not only in Tanzania but worldwide. But psht ... you'll find out more about other countries and cultures soon!

Come to KleppArt and buy a piece of Tanzanian artwork that your friends and family will want to learn more about! Exchange ideas about art and culture and their possibilities to make the world a little bit better!

Where? Kleppergasse 10, 33098 Paderborn

When? Every Wednesday from 3pm to 6pm and Saturday from 10am to 2pm until January 28th, 2023, so only two days left!

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