Wie alles begann ... - Unsere Gründungsstory

How it all began... - Our founding story

It all started with Felix's first trip to Tanzania in 2019 . Felix loves to travel and felt it was time to learn new things and broaden his horizons. He had already heard many positive experiences from other travelers who had been to Tanzania before. A country with many facets , but above all with a culture that is so different from what he was allowed to get to know before. Back then, Felix was supporting schools in Dar es Salaam, Arusha and Loliondo, where he taught English and math. Felix was aware that voluntary projects benefit you more than the society of the target country. One of the reasons for this is that the local population is better acquainted with the country's structures and therefore better understands what measures are necessary for further development. During this time he got to know many exciting personalities who brought him closer to the country and its culture.

On his travels, he quickly noticed that there are many talented artists , but little attention is paid to them. As a reminder of this formative time, Felix brought paintings to Germany, which he gave to friends and family. It quickly became apparent that there was great interest in Tanzanian art in Germany - this is how the idea for UFUNDI came about.

For a long time, the project was little followed until Felix took part in the "Social Entrepreneurship" module at the University of Paderborn, organized by garage33 . That's how Felix and Thorben got to know each other & since then they've turned their business ideas into reality together. Theory finally became practice in 2022 . Felix and Thorben traveled to Tanzania together to build a network of artists . Structures and processes have been developed to make UFUNDI come true. This laid the foundation for our work today.

Since their journey together, Felix and Thorben have been working passionately on the UFUNDI project. Since October 2022 they have been supported by Lindsey , who they already knew from their studies.

UFUNDI is an affair of the heart for us! And so we want to pursue our vision more strongly in the coming years in order to support artists from the Global South and create social added value .

Join us and continue to follow our story...

We guarantee you, it will be exciting!

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