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Handmade painting 'Alleyways in Zanzibar'

Handmade painting 'Alleyways in Zanzibar'

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Artist: Kitumbo from Tanzania

A quiet little alleyway in Zanzibar is crossed by two young Tanzanian girls. Although they hardly play a role in this painting, they breathe life into these clay-colored walls.

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Each painting is unique and therefore something very special. All products are handmade and hand painted in Tanzania. Since our products are handicrafts, no two products are exactly alike.
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We are a social enterprise. Our profits are used entirely for our charitable purposes. More information can be found here!

Part of the sales price is donated directly back to our partner school in Tanzania. You can find out more about our partner school under " Social Project ". The other is used to expand our network and thus support other artists worldwide.

100% FAIR

With your purchase you directly support the artist from Tanzania. In this way you support him in receiving a fair and more regulated income. Find out more about the artist of the picture in the " Artist " section.