Das hier ist der Strassenkuenstler Ashley aus Tansania.


Ashley was born into a family of artists in Dar Es Salaam, the seventh of ten siblings. He was taught to paint by his older brothers from an early age. Today Ashley is 31 years old and lives and works in Mwenge, Dar Es Salaam. In particular, he paints typical African everyday situations in an abstract style. He wants to reflect the Tanzanian society and proudly present it to the rest of the world.

Despite the challenges and struggles of being an artist, he owes a lot to his passion. Above all, he enjoys meeting different people, learning from one another and helping one another.

Ashley tells us about his secret as an artist: “To be a good artist, it is essential to start young and passionate and to keep youthful and creative thinking. You must not fall into too tight and fixed structures, but you should continue to work with passion and fun.”

Ashley's painting