Man for everything in Tanzania

A very important part of UFUNDI is our very good friend and supporter Arthur Mwakyoma. He was born in Tanzania and grew up in the cities of Mwanza and Dar Es Salaam. Today Arthur is 22 years old and has completed his bachelor's degree in "Procurement and Logistics Management" in Mbeya. Arthur helped us enormously in building up the artist network in Tanzania, especially with regard to communication. He continues to be an important support for us and we are incredibly grateful for that.

A quick message from Arthur: "Believe and trust in others and in yourself. We can have the strongest impact by working together and helping each other. Sometimes even a tiny act of kindness can mean the world to somebody else."

When asked why he supports us, he told us: "I saw the ambition and dream for the project and towards making a positive impact in society. UFUNDI is not only about buying and selling paintings, but it is about helping those in need and finding better means to solve their problems.”