Wenn Angebot und Nachfrage etwa 7.000 km voneinander entfernt sind …

If supply and demand are about 7,000 km apart...

If supply and demand are about 7,000 km apart, then you need a connection that brings both sides together. But is that possible?

Did you know that Tanzania's streets are aglow with a multitude of stunning handmade paintings? Many street artists in Tanzania are looking for reach and attention every day in order to bring their art and their story into the world. However, the necessary funds are often lacking. Therefore, many street artists join forces and usually do not exhibit their paintings alone. This is also the case with some of our artists. At a market in Mwenge, about 30 minutes outside of downtown Dar es Salaam, you will find paintings by Ashley , Kupenya , Sikazwe , Uwesu and many more in a small studio . Few tourists find themselves in this market. The handmade works of art usually remain undiscovered and are not sold.

On the other hand, the world of art in Germany is not affordable for many. Few of us have ever visited an art gallery, let alone considered buying a $1000 painting. So many resort to poster prints. These are mass produced so nothing special and there is no story behind this wall decoration. And you guessed it, that's where UFUNDI comes into play!

#UFUNDI makes this extraordinary art from Tanzania accessible to the general public in Europe. So you have handmade unique pieces by Tanzanian artists with an exciting history, which are affordable and thus find a compromise between elite art and poster prints. This gives Tanzanian artists the stage they deserve and also creates sustainable social added value by supporting educational projects in Tanzania! WIN - WIN - WIN !

And so easily 7,000 km are covered and the exchange between two cultures is promoted. This connection thrives on shared experiences, mutual support and appreciation.

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